PARC Seminar

December 15, 2021
12pm - 1pm
Zoom (Link enclosed in invite)

"Single cell RNA-seq profiling of peripheral immune cells from opioid users"









Christine Cheung, PhD
Associate Professor, Informatics Group   
J. Craig Venter Institute, La Jolla, CA 



After completing her doctoral research, Dr. Cheng did her postdoctoral training with Dr. Aviv Regev at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Dr. Cheng’s laboratory at JCVI includes both wet-lab (experimental) and dry-lab (computational) research. Dr. Cheng’s research program studies transcriptional regulatory networks and aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of how aberrant regulatory circuits contribute to human disease.

Dr. Cheng’s lab utilizes single-cell, droplet-based technology enabled by a microfluidic device to simultaneously profile the transcriptome and epigenome of thousands of single cells at the same time. The main focus of her lab is to utilize single cell resolution functional genomic assays and computational methods to study heterogeneous clinical tissue samples and blood immune cell populations in patient samples.

Current projects focus on applying single-cell transcriptomics and epigenetics in Alzheimer’s disease and opioid use disorder patient samples, with the goal of finding diagnostic markers and therapeutic targets.