Retreat Presentations

October 2020

Dr. Lawrence Poree - "Chronic Pain:  Failures of the Past and Prospects for the Future"







Dr. Barry Zevin - "Harm Reduction Addiction Medicine:  Homeless Health Care and Beyond"







Dr. Stefan Friedrichsdorf - "Opioid Prescribing in Pediatrics: Who Misuses Opioids. . .  and Why?"

With panel dicussion 







Dr. Allan Basbaum - "What does the basic science crystal ball say about the future of pain management?"







Dr. Dorit Ron - "Molecular mechanisms in Corticostriatal Circuitries that Drive or Gate Alcohol Use"







Dr. Aashish Manglik- "Traversing chemical space to elucidate GPCR function"

With panel discussion 







Dr. Howard Fields - Conclusions